SD in the FEZ Panda Tinkerer Kit

Hello i’m new in this forum and maybe this is a basic question. I have the FEZ Panda Tinketer Kit and i want to use my SD for reading and storing data, but when i run one of the programs from the “Beginners guide to NETMF” i got a exception in this part:
PersistentStorage sdPS = new PersistentStorage(“SD”);
I don’t know if Fez Panda supports the SD, please help me to get into this topic or tell me if a need something else for the Panda.

Is this what you need :)?

well i just see a SD card adapter in the components for panda, but i want to know if i could use the socket that the kit includes:

Oh! I didn’t read the question right, sorry!

If you have tinkerer kit then you already have the SD connector but of course you need to solder it on the board.

So you have soldered the SD card and plug in an SD card before running the code? Note that all headers must be soldered between the base board and FEZ Panda.

I am assuming you know all this since is a bit more advanced kit than other kits offered on this website?

Let us know how we can help further

woow the code runs well!!!. ;D
i found the problem, when i was including the assemblies for the example code i included the Usbhost.dll by mistake and it got me the error in the system.IO, but when i removed it all was just right :smiley:
thank you for your comments. the tinkerer kit is fantastic.