SD Card Retention in Socket

Shipped a system I have, powered by a Panda II that did not work upon arrival because the SD card had popped out of its socket in transit. Evidently the normal bouncing around of UPS/FedEx/USPS can be enough to cause the problem. In my application the SD card is not accessible so there was no way for the customer to easily check and see if was lose.

Does anyone have experience with a more rugged retention strategy for keeping the card in place during possible rough handling? I had put a small (2mm) dab of silicon over the card and the metal socket, but that was obviously not enough. I suppose I could epoxy it, but before doing that I thought I’d check to see if anyone has solved this problem.

I either need a fool proof way to keep the card in place or I need to redesign the system to allow access to the Panda, which I’d prefer not to do because it invites potential problems with other connectors and cabling.

I find it extremely difficult to see the sd card coming out due to shipping!

OK, Gus. I respect your opinion and if you think the retention mechanism is robust enough to withstand normal shipping conditions, something else must have made the card come lose. I suppose it is possible that the card was somehow disturbed during final assembly.

It sounds like you are recommending that If the board is rigidly fastened within a hard shell case with nothing able to contact the card edge the card will stay put assuming normal packaging and shipping conditions.

next time, put a drop of hot-glue on the sd-card and sd-card slot.