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SD Card Part Number - USBIZI - Panda II


I bought a few USBIZI100 chips, and wanted to use the Panda II library to create my own module. I have the SD card footprint, and wanted to know what the part number was so that I could order one. Thank you,


I’ve posted this a couple of times but I coudl not seem to pull it up in a search of the fourm. Luckily I found it in my notes though:


It is sourced from Asia with no part number. You will not be able to source it easily. Just any connector you like


Thank you. In that case, does anyone know an easy to get part that has an Eagle CAD library available? Or a more common part that has this same footprint?


The dipmicro site says that the product is not in stock…


here are some other leads:

You could also send a note to Dipmicro to ask when they will get more. The easiest way to do a search is to use Bing/Google and search for images of “micro sd socket” that will help you narrow it down to the correct style pretty easily.