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SD Card not working in Fez Rhino


I have recently ugraded to firmware 4.1.5 and related SDK. I am not able to access my SD card whichh is FAT32 formated from a XP machine. I am able to read the same card thru USB interface of FEZ by using a card reader.

Last time there was a suggestion that use external power to read the card and it did work that time, but what has happened now is not clear to me ? I am using the external power for the device (12V) .
Any suggestions?



so reaching to the first principles manual…

What else changed? When it last worked, what were the conditions?

You said you upgraded firmware recently; did you upgrade your SDK? (BTW that’s not a very recent firmware? was April)

Second question, is this with a new fez application or an existing one? If an existing, did you do the remove references and replace them, so they were in sync with the firmware?

Did you go back to a “simple” app that only dealt with the SD card to remove any other influences? If you have a simple app, then post code !