SD Card Errors

I am simply trying to mount the SD card:

PersistentStorage psSD = new PersistentStorage(“SD”);

And I get an exception:

#### Exception System.Exception - 0xffffffff (1) ####
#### Message: 
#### GHIElectronics.NETMF.IO.PersistentStorage::.ctor [IP: 0000] ####
#### FEZ_Cobra_Console_Application1.Program::Main [IP: 0007] ####

I have the cobra attached via USB and I also have a wall-wart power supply plugged in as well.

The SD card has been formatted as FAT32.

Does anyone have any guidance?

Do you have a different card you could try?

Actually yes just did that, different size this time but same manufacturer:

64MB Kingston = OK
8GB Kingston = Fail

Is there a maximum size that I can use?

No maximum size. Any card should work.

Can you try to format the card on the PC and try again? Full fro mat not quick format.

Alright so I am even more perplexed.

I formatted a 2GB, and an identical 8GB.

The 2GB worked fine.
The second 8GB threw the same exception.

The first 8GB is still formatting…

Nope. Freshly formatted 8GB doesn’t work.

I am formatting as FAT32 with default allocation size. Is there any other setting I need to mess with?

Also I am not sure whether it’s relevant or not but these are all MicroSD’s with an adapter. I have rotated each card through each adapter with the same results. So it’s not a bad adapter.

Anyway I can borrow the card for a week?

Sure. I have some dominos that should be arriving from you guys in the next couple of days. Let me test on them as well, and if they don’t work there, then I can send you the cards so you can test them.

What email should I use so I can arrange shipping with you?

Mail or email? :slight_smile:

Use the address on ghi’s contact us page please.

Hi Gus,

we are having problems with larger Kingston cards also. Just with Kingston. I needed some new test cards and these where available for a good price (and so i thought lets take a good well know brand). But they don’t work. Some cheap ass 8gb cards from ADATA work without a problem though, so now worries :stuck_out_tongue:



I do not remember which brand but IIRC it was kingstone that is mostly reported with problems.