Scratch website: Call for graphics-art help

The web site is hideous. Really. All I did to create it was to take the default bootstrap template and swapped in some text, and it sure shows. All of my effort went into the Scratch code and the site is anything but the bright, welcoming place that it should be.

If you or anyone you know has some skills with bootstrap, css, and html, the site could sure benefit from even some sprucing-up.

The site source code is at : [url][/url]. You will need to enlist in the full tree : [url][/url].

Just give a shout out here if you can help out (to avoid duplicated effort). Make changes in the tree and submit a pull request (I can help talk through that if necessary). If you know someone off the forums who is able and willing help, just DM their email to me please.

Unfortunately, I have very little artistic ability… But, I can help with scope creep :smiley: It would also be nice to have an icon for the Scratch Gateway app.

Does the serial communications for the Gateway only happen only through the USB or is it also accessible via the Click expansion COM pins? If I wanted to inject some sort of wireless module such as an HC-05 between the board and the computer would that be possible w/o updating the Firmata code?

@ ianlee74 - I answered on the Scratch 2.0 thread - I want to keep this thread about begging for web site help. Thanks!

No problem. I thought it was a general call for graphics art help and my addition somewhat related.

Are you able to use any of the Scratch icons?

New logo?

Edit meh…gif dont animate :frowning:

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:smiley: Is that dog for sale?

If no luck with free options, have a look on as there are a number of people offering services starting from $5. Tons of website builders.

I got a new company logo design in 3 days for $15 and it was excellent. A couple of times back and forth to get the finished design too so not just a one off.

@ suitable1 - regrettably, no. Everything in Scratch is Creative Commons licences EXCEPT for the logo and font. We can use the general look, but not the logo or font without permission, and I have not pursued that.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I may try that. My goto guy is in the hundreds per logo and per page, which normally is ok on a revenue job, but I don’t have it to spare here.