SCM20260D pinout

There are a few pins that appear to be duplicated on the pin layout. (

Can you clarify the difference:
PIN:36, PA0 C -> PIN:97, PA0
PIN:38, PC2 C -> PIN:157, PC2
PIN:39, PC3 C -> PIN:158, PC3

There are about 12 pins that are assigned to processor pins but have not function defined, for example pin 82, PG6. Are these available for GPIO?

The pin names followed by ā€œCā€ are special pins that are directly connected to the ADC (inside the processor) for more accurate analog readings. They are analog inputs only. The non ā€œCā€ pins with the same name have analog and digital functionality.

Yes, the processor pins with no defined function are available as GPIO.

To make sure I understand; can I connect an analog signal to pin 39(PC3_C) and a digital output to pin 158(PC3), or is it one or the other, but not both?

I see there are ADC3.x, ADC12.x, and ADC123.x pins are those the different ADC converters in the processor? Is that similar for the PWM channels as well?

Yes, you can use PC3_C for analog input and PC3 for digital output at the same time. You could even use both as analog inputs. We use different ADC converters on these pins to give you maximum flexibility.

Yes, those are different ADC converters. With the PWMs, the first number (before the period) is the PWM device (or timer), the second number is the channel.

Is the schematic for the SC20260D dev board available? The link on the page ( is dead.

no not yet. We need to be 100% on the design first before we post.