SCM20260D Dev thread

Questions and answer around this board.

Known Issue (we will update this post)

  • Input voltage can be 24V, label shows 12V
  • Camera is not labeled, connected to I2C1
  • CAN1 terminal block pins are not labeled correctly (clarify)

sack the layout guy making simple silkscreen issues ! :rofl:


Says the guy who never makes any mistakes. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Burn!! Lol :fire:

Hey Gus, I had to edit my post to put back the quote from Brett as it took the comment out of context. When I first posted it, a few seconds later, the system removed the quote. You can see this in the edit trail. Why did this happen?

No clue why

Funny you should say that, i had an email from a client yesterday pointing out that i had my website url wrong on the back of a board - happens to the best of us :joy:

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or the worst of us? :rofl:

Yeah @Dave_McLaughlin I’ve made PLENTY of mistakes - some might say hanging around with recalcitrant here has exacerbated that :slight_smile: