SC20100 LoRa connectivity progress

Hi all,

Working on port of my Semtech SX127X LoRa (not LoRaWAN) library to TinyCLR V2 on SC20100.

Currently using jumper wires as the only SX127X mikroBus vendor I could find won’t ship to NZ.

Once the library is running reliably in my test rig (compatibility, stress & soak), The next step will be to get crypto wrappers sorted, or maybe if I can get a device with Wifi or ethernet an Azure IoT Hubs/Central field gateway for tiny LoRa connected devices.



try to power red board out ghi board seems not enought power here …

Hi @valon_hoti_gmail_com

Powering of the Dragino shield from the 3V3 line seems to work fine on my setup. I use a powered USB hub which has its own plug pack to power the SC20100. I haven’t tried ramping up the TX power though.

I just need to finish porting the library and test it as much as possible. I have a stress test rig which should give the code a good workout.