SC20100 Graphics throws System.InvalidOperationException

The issue wasn’t memory, it is SPI problem that we will take a look. Weird to us that some board working fine.

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Add them to the FILES section of the resources.

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to all

i downloaded this tools

it create fonts with extension tinyfnt - after saving font rename saved extension from tinyfnt to tcfnt - after this you can use it with tinyclros without any issues .


Thanks for your advice. Changing the spi configuration mostly solved the issue.
However on my board I had to reduce the ClockFrequncy to 2_000_000 to achieve that justins example runs for a longer time.
Even with 2_000_000 the example occasionally stopped running after some minutes.
In this case I couldn’t catch an exception for the ‘st7355.DrawBuffer(data)’ command.
I will now try if it works ‘for ever’ with ClockFrequency 1_000_000

I must say that I used Justins example without the

if (mem < 2000)

statement and the debugger gave this message before the App stopped

Failed allocation for 29 blocks, 464 bytes

So it seems that the fix @Justin posted is still needed

That is a different issue. Well, not an issue really but it is hard to explain. We are looking into improving in preview 3 for next week.


12Mhz should work fine in preview3, 1-2MHz is slow that effects to fps.

But still keep GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers() in your code. That is different story. :smiley:

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I can confirm, preview3 works flawlessly with 12 Mhz

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