Saving data from fez to laptop without sd card

Got it, you should now delete the post with the address (spam)

Is on the road

@ RoSchmi - Thank you very much, i got it. now i gonna try

@ kmrn - use the Client.send(“String” + “\r\n”) command to send your data string to the PC

@ RoSchmi - now i use that line in my code. i should change that in my code?

client.SendLine(MessageCounter + ") SpO2 : " + _spo2 + “\r\n” + " Pulse : " + _pulse + “\r\n”);

I don’t know. I always used the Client.send command. If you have the bluettoth Connection and in the Seetings selected ASCII Format it should work

@ RoSchmi - do i choose com connect’on before? because its gave that error

No, just click o.k., go on the Settings page an store the Settings as Shown in the Picture. Then make New Search on the Settings Page, select your Bluetooth device and write its data in the text boxes above for autoconnect

Edit: If you select Bluetooth as Input source, the Parameters of the Serial ports which can be used alternativly are ignored

@ RoSchmi - can i change that doc format to excel? because i tried to open it with note pad and got that

The XML File is in the Folder Documents/BluetoothSerialAccept_Data/Year/…

In Excel select in the menue File … Open and navigate to the file


and open it with Excel, you get an Excel Table like this

Then in Excel go on the Tab Data and click actualize an you always get the new Contents of the XML File

@ RoSchmi - yes i got it thank you. like picture

Great, what are you going to do with the Pulsoximeter-Data?

@ RoSchmi - I gonna calculate that module’s accuracy and try to examine data’s during exercise. And gonna plot the values grap.

@ kmrn - if it’s not proprietary, would be nice if you posted to codeshare when you’re done. I’d like to give it a spin – I’m a bicycling nut and would find it interesting while I use indoor stationary trainer and/or treadmill.