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Save files in RAM?


Can I save files FEZ Cobra RAM memory. I’m only need to save small INI files for settings and since RAM is 16MB it should not be a problem, or?

I like to be independet if use have SD/USB memory inserted or not. Settings file is saved in Cobra.

If possiple, how do I code? StreamWriter ?



Read about EWR.


Why save file in RAM where power reset will cause the data to be lost?

You mean you want it saved in flash?

There is no “RAM file system” on NETMF but I personally do not see the need for it.

Also, take a look at “battery RAM” for a quick way to save data that is retained through power reset


Sorry I ment flash :wink: I have a look at EWR.



EWR or battery RAM, take a look at both. Each has its own good points