Santa, i've been a good boy


Details are skimpy so far, and some of the video is fuzzy enough to make me wonder if it is CGI… but I really want to find out what’s powering that thing, and how long it can go on one tank of gas.

Aerofex Corp seem to be behind it - there website is fugly



Here’s some videos. It appears legit.

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Or why not get away from the ground completeley!!

Only $75k…

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@ HughB - From humble good old Kiwi number 8 wire engineering :slight_smile:

Thought you would like it :slight_smile:

@ HughB - I would feel safer on the hover-bike.

Maybe in 100 years from here, everyone is hovering and roads dissapeared. It might even work overseas :slight_smile:

@ WouterH Me too. In the video on the Martin site they do demo the chute deployment niceley though :slight_smile:

In the future we’re going to look at this pic and be like “oh so that’s where hoverboards came from”.

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