Santa brought a DSO Nano

So the good news is that I got my SD card today, and was able to successfully capture some signals from the IR Receiver eblock. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, the raw data is not as easily consumable as I’d hoped. There’s a nice OSS client for the benf firmware XML output:

but pretty much all it gives you is the ability to view the data, and a cursor that specifies the value at any given point…not really much help with analysis.

So I will probably go back to capturing the signal via the Gadgeteer route, as that gives me a better picture of the signal, oddly enough, at least for my purposes of figuring out the protocol.

The benfwaves app does provide the ability to save to a number of different formats, including Excel, so there’s definitely some utility to it, but for a simple IR signal, the amount of data is overkill.

Woo! hoo! I unwrapped a Nano today!!!

Boo! Hoo! I’ve (hopefully temporarily) bricked it before I was able to make my first measurement :frowning:

If anyone can help, please chime in. For some reason me & firmware upgrades just don’t get along.

If I remember right I have selected both files at the same time, but I am not sure.

I believe I tried that and it would only let me select one. So, I think the way to do it is to select one and install it and then the other w/o ever disconnecting the device. If I can ever get USB to detect the device again I’ll know for sure. :frowning:

remove the driver completely and replug the device and/or try different usb socket

That did it! I thought I’d already tried that… So, now I’ve confirmed that it will not let you install both firmware files at the same time. I installed the other file and now I’m in business! Thanks!

Has anyone tried this yet? I’m waiting for an SD card so I can’t yet…