Samtec Socket samples

So I decided to get some sample sockets from Samtec to see if this software chappy can actually build something that works, ordered on Friday weeeee Mr UPS delivered them Monday morning :slight_smile:

Open the gigantic envelope to discover a solitary little socket all on his lonesome…I guess they have cottoned onto the fact you don’t need 10 sockets to see if they work :frowning:

Guess I will be emailing Architect to get some set over the pond…

did you request 10, or just 1?

10, but funnily enough one of their sales reps has just rung on the phone, he asked what I wanted them for, I explained about Gadgeteer but he had never heard of it…

Up shoot is he is sending out another 10.

Interesting. I ordered some other samples from them last week (and of course I threw in 10 Gadgeteer sockets…). We’ll see if I get the same response. I’ve ordered 3 or 4 different samples from them in the past and I always throw in 10 sockets. They’ve always sent them w/o question. :slight_smile: I’m always amazed that they insist on overnight shipping these things. I suggested they not do that once before and they insist. Apparently, it’s more trouble than its worth to them not to overnight ship.

Just received an email with local costs, alas they still don’t want to compete with the other options out there…

Quantity: 100
Best Price: £1.024 ~ $1.66620

Quantity: 500
Best Price: £0.903 ~ $1.46932

I felt guilty asking for more samples, but maybe I should reconsider. I really like the way they angle in the bottom part of the socket. Makes it that much easier to hand solder without scorching the plastic. Don’t knock the overnight shipping! It’s a great way of helping make sure you add their parts to your next big selling board, even if that board is only ever a prototype :slight_smile:

I received my samples including the 10 sockets today w/o any questions. Perhaps Justin is on “a list” :wink:

@ ianlee74 - My wife does keep telling me to stop going to those sites so i wouldn’t be surprised if on “a list” or two :smiley:
Anywho the nice UPS man has dropped off another 10 samples so I’m happy and when my order or RGB leds and WS2803’s arrive the madness will begin - or should i say continue… :slight_smile: