Samsung and IoT

Just for info. Samsung makes in IoT.

It looks like Intel Edison. Development with Arduino IDE.

More information on the site:


@ Wolfgang Feneberg - Very nice! I applied for the Alpha :slight_smile:

Agree very similar to the Intel Edison. Been wondering when Samsung would appear on the ioT scene.

Handily I work for said same Korean company.
Once I find the right person to talk to I will try to get some hands on. The Artik 1 looks like an excellent device, as do they all.
Keep you posted lads!

Bonus points for cool hardware.
Points off for declaring that email addresses in the new gTLDs are ‘invalid’. (e.g., @

I all fairness, I had the same problem with Microsoft Azure signup, but I was able to file a bug and get that one fixed.

“The IETF RFC’s - not just a good idea”


I applied for an Alpha developer kit.

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I was told these will start to be offered in August. I hope this is the case as I am really looking forward to it.
Has anyone ever gotten their ADK yet ?

@ VersaModule


Still Waiting.

@ VersaModule - No just a message that the selection process has been finalized. Nothing else.

I’d love to see a C# equivalent, having ZigBee and Wifi on a board is especially appealing to me.