Samples vs drivers repo clarification

The samples repo will be the community playground. This is like codeshare we had years ago. We will be organizing it and placing some initial examples by month end. These samples will not create NuGet packages.

Now, when a samples code becomes a well defined unit and stands on its own, it will be moved to drivers and a NuGet package will be pushed as well. An example is the driver for the 1.8" display we provide today.

In short, samples is to help you get started, drivers are commercial quality NuGet packages.

The community has a lot of code written for many things. We also have tons of code to share as well. We hope that we all can collaborate and create an amazing spot for all of us to reference, from samples on how to build a nice UI to drivers for everything useful!

You have a say of how this will work, so just ask :nerd_face:


Is it better to start from master or dev before doing PR ? (Maybe a newbie question !)

Samples repo doesn’t have dev. Use master to create your own branch.

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Oh! You are right ! It seems my brain is confined too :wink: