Samples don't work as shown

I am trying to get the LCD and touch to work but the sample information in the documentation here does not work for capacitive touch:

The line:

FT5xx6Controller touch = new FT5xx6Controller(i2cController.GetDevice(FT5xx6Controller.GetConnectionSettings()), GpioController.OpenPin(UCMStandard.GpioPin.B));

Gives errors for unknown i2cController and UCMStandard

I think the samples need a little updating. Would also be good to show which assemblies are needed to be using.

I got the first part to work.


But I can’t find anything in regards to UCMStandard but changing this to SC20260 works but as there are not schematics to download, I have no idea which PIN the touch interrupt is connected to.

Can we please get the schematics for the dev boards?

Good one. We need this listed on the board.

Those will be shared for sure. We purposely didn’t share because we want to see what would stop you from using the board without using schematics. As you can see, everything in clearly labeled but we forgot the touch I2C and interrupt pin.

Tutorials is what we are working on now. Yes they need a lot of love! We also have plan to add a note on top of every tutorial mentioning the namespace and assemblies needed. However, tutorials will not contain full examples. The examples will be done on TinyCLR Samples repo. @Joel_Riley am I right here?


Which one is it? :wink:

PS. I have the IPS 7’ LCD working with the dev board. I have used your slider demo and because I don’t have touch working yet, I only have a static display. The LCD looks great though. The picture doesn’t do it any justice.


PJ14 is the touch screen interrupt pin.