Sample code for GPSUltra/SkewWorks device

Hi everyone,

I’ve just received my GPSUltra :slight_smile: Does anyone have any sample code using this device using the SDK that SkewWorks provides. I’ve posted a note onto the SkewWorks websites also.

Many thanks!

Response back from SkewWorks for your info.

void ProgramStarted()


        gPSUltra.CoordinatesUpdated += new OnCoordinatesUpdated(gPSUltra_CoordinatesUpdated);


    void gPSUltra_CoordinatesUpdated(GPSUltra sender)


        Debug.Print("Coordinates updated");

        Debug.Print("Lat/Lng: " + sender.Latitude + ", " + sender.Longitude);

        Debug.Print("Map Lat/Lng: " + sender.MapLatitude + ", " + sender.MapLongitude);


I’ll be sure to also get a nice doc with all the events & properties put together in the next couple of days. :slight_smile:

Cant wait. Thanks for all the help, I’m almost up and running now :slight_smile: just need to get the speed info out…