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Same post appears multiple times


I’ve been busy with work, but I still visit the forum once in a while.
Is it just me who’s encountering this weird recurring post in the forum? (see screenshot)
It’s happening both in Safari and Chrome on my MacBook.


Never had this (Google chrome - windows 7)


I use chrome both on vista and xp … never seen that happen though…

I used to use IE8 but the “tinyclr” web site was soooo sloooow.

Cheers Ian


No issues under Safari on 10.6.5 OS X MacBook Pro, or chrome on Windows7


I’ve seen it on IE9 (both on beta and after it’s recent update). Win7.

It was strange though - one day a few weeks ago every post listed was listed 3 times. One time in the last week there were only some of the posts that were duplicated.

The behaviour is also quite strange. I use the UNREAD page as my landing point always; when I open it, it shows the list of posts as expected, duplicates and all. Read one that is duplicated, and then go back to the unread list and all three entries for that post has disappeared, but the other duplicated posts stay put. It was like something in how the data was retrieved made the duplication “persistent”, it wasn’t just something that a refresh could get rid of.


Like Brett, I also use UNREAD page as my landing point. His description of the behavior is exactly what I see. I think the bug only affects the section, visiting each forum works fine.


I use it as landing page but I never seen that problem!


does any page besides unread exist :wink:


/ ??? / never seen it. Using “Unread” as my landing page.


Does choosing “more” or “less” at the top of the page change anything?


@ Josh, I suspect it does, or at maybe it depends on how many items need to be shown.
I marked all as read and now I do not see that issue anymore.


Hello Josh
I have seen this behavior also last weekend … next time i see it i will play with those links.


I think I figured it out. A few people double (or rather, triple) posted. Looks at the replies counter to see if it’s the same thread.


no chris,
it is really the same post i see double.


Okay today i had the same problem again.

I tried to swap between less and more details but this did not fix the problem.
Also after i reloaded the unread topics page, the 2 double topics where still shown and new topics where shown only once.