SAM-BA Bootloader

Where can I find the latest SAM-BA bootloader application for the G400? The links in the documentation are broken and I can’t find it in the Microchip web page.


Um you posted in TinyCLR so I assume your wanting to run load TinyCLR on it, not NetMF?

The G400 can be updated to latest Boot and Firmware using TinyConfig

What link where you following?
Alot of the old links to the Gageteer stuff can normally be fixed by changing the URL to go to

@Bauland post give some clues

Indeed, I am working on updating a G400 board from NETMF to TinyCLR. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try doing so using TinyConfig.

About the Link, actually it is not a broken link, but rather sends me to an unrelated page. In the GHI page: [] the link to SAM-BA Tool points to: Development Tools

Looks like microchip/atmel have changed the links on us. Should be okay as we are completely redoing the docs for the new year.