Safe to upgrade to Win10?

I have one laptop running Win10 for Cream and RPi2. And I have one running Win 8.1 for Raptor.

Is it safe to upgrade to Win10 for the Raptor project? Has Fez Config and other utilities been tested on Win10?


Just to clarify - you can install both VS2013 and VS2015 on Windows 10. You just can’t create Universal Windows (including IoT Core) programs in VS2013. I use VS2013 for Gadgeteer and VS2015 for everything else - and all of my dev environments are now running on WIn10, and I have had no issues.

I also run Saleae Logic analyzer, WireShark, Adafruit Bluetooth sniffer, Arduino, Fiddler, STM ST-Link, SAM.BA, Bluegiga BLE programmer, and Indigo and Luna Eclipse with arm toolchain on Win10, all without problems (in case other folks are running any of those). I haven’t found anything from my usual toolbox that won’t run on it (yet).

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Excellent. Thanks!

@ hvelo - As @ mcalsyn notes, you should have no problem running VS2013 and 2015, and working with netmf and Gadgeteer on Windows 10.

That’s the setup I used for my demos at ThatConference, which included BrainPad, Gadgeteer, and Windows 10 IoT Core projects.

Has anyone ran Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 on Windows 10?

I have some Windows CE 6.0 applications that require 2008.

@ skeller - I have a large legacy solution running fine under VS2010 with Win10

probably not too related to software development, but my win 10 system just stopped working with Microsoft Edge (the browser)

Edge does nothing now. Every url is now “Hmm, we can’t reach this page”

Chrome, and IE still work find. It is just Edge that has become useless. No other issues.

Pretty weird.