S-basic [video]

That was quick. Nice work.

Very cool!

You rock! The real test will be pulling out some of the old Commodore magazines and typing in some apps and see if they work the same as they used to :slight_smile:

@ Skewworks - Something that may be interesting for you:

Back to work on this after spending the last 2wks not being able to work (neck injury).

I’ve added arrayed variables, stacks, the rest of the variable types and some string functions.

I hope to have all of the QBASIC commands (minus drawing) done this weekend. :slight_smile:

You were saying? :smiley:



I will talk to Santa about this :slight_smile: great project

Well done!

Hope you enjoy using it!

I’ve got a CANXtra hooked up to my Hydra now providing USB Keyboard and 128x64 LCD in addition to Hydra pumping out 640x480 to a monitor w/ VideoOut module.

PIP project lives on with Atomic Red - a full NETMF powered PC themed after Fallout and 50s cold war … this is going to be fun :smiley: