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RWAR just got a little smarter


I decided to finally get around to making a serial control library for the Traxxas Stampede RWAR is based off of. Basically, I have a FEZ Domino inside the little pod at the back doing all of the PWM work and listening for commands over serial. The transmitter library is very, very small (122 lines) and can be used on any flavor of C# .NET(MF)(CF). It sends commands in a format of
<checksum (XOR of all ident/payload bytes)>

The maximum sized message is 5 bytes, and sent at 115200 baud, it gets received, processed and verified very, very fast.

Anywho, the goal of this was to allow much higher level/higher power targets to talk to the Stampede. My laptop may be powerful enough for image processing and stuff, but it does lack 2 PWM ports. Same goes for the ChipworkX. All I have to do is wire the Domino up to a serial port on the transmitting computer and then just import the serial transmitter library and write my control application in any kind of .NET.


Good work Chris, keep it up!