Running MFDEPLOY on a PC without Studio

I want to capture the debug output on a PC without VS installed and I see that MFDEPLOY can connect and show the debug output.

What files do I need to deploy on the PC for this to work?

Looking in the directory where MFDEPLOY is located would indicate only the EXE and the DLL with that name is need or do I need additional files?

Of course I also need the USB drivers. :slight_smile:

Try this codeshare entry

I have not tested it in a while but it did work on Win7 64Bit

I simply copied all the DLL files and the EXE and sent them to the engineer and it works. :slight_smile:

havenโ€™t used it for a while either, but it was useful when I wrote it, I used it for monitoring BLE adverts and spitting them out to a pc for display, on the mf device I just used debug to output the strings