Running Fez Domino off super capacitors


I just wanted to share a video of something I did last night. I’ve seen lots of links about people running smaller boards off super capacitors for short amounts of time but I wanted to get my Fez Domino running off one so here it goes! Without the display hooked up it can run for around 3 hours. If anybody else is interested in super capacitors let me know! I’m trying to make a bunch of Fez powered solar garden lights.

The capacitor is a 2.5V 2,600F one :slight_smile:

WOW…that is one BIG capacitor lol…

Here’s the cap on digikey. I had a work budget for buying random technology a year or so ago and figured I should “go big or go home” haha.

LOL…I have a few rules about micro development…your power source should never be bigger…OR…4 times as costly as the board is in the first place…:slight_smile: Good grief…what are those things generally used for…powering small trucks? :slight_smile:

I was thinking they might be used for stuff like regenerative breaking for cars? Or making portable spot welders? Maybe just maybe high-end garden lights that never need their batteries replaced?

Was fun watching the power die!

I have an evil idea! I loved doing these with capacitors…do not hurt yourself though… I always loved to charge capacitors then short them with a wire :smiley: Loved to scare whoever next to me pretending that something exploded. I never tried it on a capacitor that large though so that maybe dangerous!

I’ll give you a dollar if you touch your tongue to it :think:

Tongue doesn’t hurt much, touch your teeth :wink:

OK…you guys are NUTS LOL… :slight_smile:

May I ask how this knowledge was obtained? :whistle:

Umm, I would NOT short that cap with ANYTHING. It will probably blow a sqrewdriver in two, a big screwdriver.

2.5V at 1.3mohm esr. doesn’t that come to 2000A? And if I have to guess, at 2600F it can probably give that 2000A for a full second, maybe 2 seconds…

If you do short it with anything, make a video… ;D

danger? …now I want to try it :smiley:

Wow… Finally an official post for crazy ideas :clap: