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Running emulator with analog pins


I just got my Domino in hand and it was an easy task to do a quick test program with the LCD Shield. I noticed however that you cannot run your code in the emulator if it contains things like analog inputs (unless I am missing some critical step.)

Microsoft says the emulator is ‘extensible’ so does that mean support for GHI class may be possible?


You tried the Microsoft emulator…and this emulator doesn’t work with GHI libraries. We do not provide an emulator but you can make one if this is needed.

Extensible emulator means anyone can extend the emulator to make your own.

This was answered before…just search for “emulator”


Hello Jeff ,

the extenible emulator is also described in the framework documentation on the MSDN website

Here is the link:

There is also a good example for starting an own emulator.

Or take a look at this book for microframework

Expert .NET Micro Framework, Second Edition
By Jens Kühner
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2387-0
ISBN10: 1-4302-2387-1

You can buy it from Amazon or directly from Apress




Oh, there is a search button! I looked and looked but did not notice it being right there at the top of the page and everything! A big Doh! on my part.

Thanks for the links. The note on the first page makes it sound like you need the porting kit to extend the emulator to support custom hardware:

If you have the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit, you can use managed code to extend the emulator so that it supports your own hardware. When you do so you must reference Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.dll and Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Interface.dll, which are now shipped in the tools\build folder of the porting kit. [/quote]

Glancing through the rest of the docs it does not appear that is the case however. Extending the emulator to support the FEZ hardware might be an interesting community project.


No the porting kit is not necessary.

Maybe an old reference from MS

The required dll’s are in the MFDeploy directory , which is installed with the normal SDK.

You can find it here:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.0\Tools

I have tried the example and it works fine

You can also download the porting kit.It is for free now and is available for all users.




You do not need porting kit fro emulator. The NETMF SDK examples already include one example on how to implement an emulator.