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I have made my own PCB with the ChipworkX module on it. I also added an battery for the RTC. I can set the time on my system, but everytime I reset the system I lose the RTC time. How can I solve this problem?

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Can you give us the initialization code that you have to check if the RTC is already set?


How did you set the time?

Like here?



This is code I am using:

buffer = new byte[5];
owKey.Read(buffer, 0, 5);
byte[] BufSeconds = new byte[4];
BufSeconds[0] = buffer[1];
BufSeconds[1] = buffer[2];
BufSeconds[2] = buffer[3];
BufSeconds[3] = buffer[4];

                            int buttonTimeInSeconds = BitConverter.ToInt32(BufSeconds, 0);
                            DateTime TimeOnButton = new DateTime(1970, 01, 01, 12, 0, 0);
                            TimeOnButton = TimeOnButton.AddSeconds(buttonTimeInSeconds);

With the OneWire interface I read the time from a Clock iButton. I don’t see the problem.

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Sorry, I do not understand! Have you looked at the page I linked you to? ChipworkX already has RTC built in so why are you using oneWire RTC?


Where do you check if the RTC is initialized and set the date/time if not?

Take a look at this project:

It may help you to use the RTC.



It is an very easy system. I made 20 devices, all with an ChipworkX module. So at the first setup of one of the devices I need to set the time. So every time I put my Clock iButton on the OneWire I set the time to Now()!

But I have the following problem: If I reset the system the RTC goes to 1 January 2009. I don’t want to check the RTC if it’s initialized or set, I just want to set the RTC to my time. And don’t want to set every time I restart the system.


Some people had similar issues. Usually related to mechanical problem (bad or wrong connection). There is a couple of threads on the forum. Here is one of them:


Please go back and read the code I linked to in the very first reply. You are setting the system time not the RTC. The link explain it all.



If I do the next:

I would set the RTC to the TimeOnButton and I would set the local time. This is the same as in the example. What am i doing wrong?


To isolate problems, can you try RTC by itself? Just a small program that sets the clock…