RTC synchronized while programming

Hello all, is there a way to synchronize the RTC while programming our boards? I mean, I do not use NTP in my system, I am using GPS to synchronized the RTC in field. But in some cases, customers do not have correct GPS data (Bad NMEA multiplexer configuration) and when we investigate potential problems on the data logged on the SD card, data are not properly time stamped. It could help to have a factory RTC synchronization.

Is there a way to retrieve from VS the date time of the HOST computer to fill the RTC while programming?

Not that I know of, unless you do it using CDC

No CDC on these products. :slight_smile:

Then I guess you’re out of luck :S


You may want to try this:

basically you would print the time in a Constant at Compile time and use that as your reference when your application starts, and don’t forget to flag a permanent variable (EWR) when you read the time for the first time, so your application doesn’t read it every time it restarts.

let us know if that works for you.