RSA Encryption Bug on last Chipworkx firmware


I recently had the suprise to see that SQL Lite did not work any more on the last firmware, so that I decided to port my DB Library to binary files on the SD Card. It also appeared to be an interesting issue because of the fact thay I’d be able to apply Encryption to my data files.

But, the problem is that the same code sample running on the simulator, does not work on the ChipWORK it self. The encryptor.Encrypt(…) function return a nice collection of 0x00 byte array.

I also implemented the ‘Crosoft’ bug fix related to the inpudata size, but did nothing more…

The code is of course exactly the same in both cases, because I only changed the project target from one to another…

Can you please check if any problem also occur on this topic ?


Both issues are related and they are fixed. SDK will be out in few days. You can use an older SDK for now if you like, as explained here

Hi Gus,

If we are talking about few days, I comment the encryption part in the code and wait for…
In the meantime, I’ll check the network communication part of my project (NTP, Web Server and so on,…).


Yes it is better to upgrade, not downgrade. We have the bugs fixed but adding one little new feature before it is public.