RS910 /RS9110 confusion

I have purchased the GHI RS21 WiFi board which it appears referred to in FEZ Config as a RS910 Wifi, and as the WiFi9110 object in the GHI.Networking DLL. There is a proliferation of names and numbers here it appears.

I see that there is an option in FEZ Config to do a Network Configuration on the RS910 Wifi. Is this configuration necessary for proper operation of the RS21 Wifi board I have with the Red Pine RS9110 chip that I have?

What is the significance of this network configuration? When is it necessary? How is it done?

PS: I have joined my network using the RS21 module I have without doing any confoguration on FEZ Config. I have not yet communicated with a remote endpoint, but I’ll be trying that soon.

@ srogers - The FEZ Config text is incorrect. It should say RS9110. You do not need to configure it through FEZ Config before use, calling EnableDhcp or EnableStaticIp and EnableDynamicDns or EnableStaticDns are enough to configure the module. The configuration through FEZ Config is useful if you want to change the network settings without redeploying a program.

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