rS232 and Cerberus

HI guys,

My new Cerberus mainboard arrived and I have to connect it by serial communication, with rS232 module. Of course there is no tool developed for Cerberus yet, so I need your help, setting up with me the communication, using micro framework code.

I suggest you wait til tomorrow, if all goes well, we will have a new SDK to cover it all. Crossing fingers!

That was a rally fast reply!

Ok. Thanks GUS.
Tomorrow will be the final day for thousands of SDK exceptions.

Please GHI guys, forgive my storm of question of the last days.

Today, I need to set an Ethernet communication between Cerberus and my PC.

Who is able to explain how it works?
Where can I get a tutorial for ENC28 module?

Unrelated question, please start a new thread.

no problem.

Please wait.
Copy pasting…

As a feedback, the module RS232 works great !!
Thanks for the support.