RS21 v1.1 module UEXT header position

I went looking of rthe pinout on the RS21 module w/UEXT header and realized GHI has removed UEXT from the board and instead attached a UEXT header to the cable. Nice board space saving idea. My problem - the old on module header is not labelled in any way, so I have a 50/50 chance of getting it plugged in right. Can anybody point me ot the schematic for that module, or tell me what the pin is that has the square white box around it? Vin maybe?

There’s a UEXT header on the RS21 module? We’re talking about the WiFi module?

Doh! Yep… too much ethernet on the brain

If we’re talking about the WiFi module (which is the RS21 module), it has no UEXT that I can see?

Look at

The UEXT is on the Cable


Huh. I was looking at trying to figure out what he was talking about :slight_smile:

Okay guys… again I really meant WiFi…

Revision 1.1 of the gadgeteer module DID have an option to purchase a module with a UEXT header on the MODULE. What you now see in the catalog is Revision 1.2. GHI pulled a fast one on us and moved the header to the CABLE.

Anyways, during the confusion, I figured it out…

In general, it would REALLY help to have an archive of old products somewhere to include schematics, brochures with pinouts, etc… Lots of us have older stuff that is still being used.

Hear, hear. I agree. Documentation needs to be split off of the storefront. Storefronts are fluid, documentation is forever :slight_smile:

has pretty much everything you could need…

That seems to only have v1.2’s schematic.


@ brett - i did look before i asked.

@ ransomhall, cool - it’s one of those “not directly linked from anywhere” resources I know i look at but don’t know how many others do…

For a final clarification, see picture… the WiFi RS21 v1.1 module w/UEXT header


“has pretty much everything you could need…”

The link you presented was GREAT!

I would suggest that you have the link put in a [Sticky] so everyone can find it.