RPi2 Official Wifi Dongle In Stock at Adafruit

Just got an email that the wifi dongle is back in stock at Adafruit, in case anyone needs one:


Thanks for posting this here.

Of course they do now… My Adafruit dongle I had to order from Mouser arrived today. I also placed an order with Adafruit the same day as the Mouser order for some other things… I just love throwing cash at the shipping guys.

@ ianlee74 - LOL. Did the same thing with Adafruit. Didn’t make sense to spend the shipping for just the dongle so I ended up ordering another Pi 2 and a couple of cases.

At least now I’ll be able to demo both the HAT and Cream at the same time. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the in stock alert didn’t help me since I already ordered one from the UK, but I’m sure someone still needs one.

I ordered two in case Gary still wants to borrow one.

We sent a couple to Gary (apparently the world’s stock of these, all 10 or so, were owned by the IoT Core team) earlier, so he should be good now.

That is, unless he’s starting a collection. They’re like pogs, you know.


Wait 'til they come in colors. He’ll need a list.


I am collecting as many as possible ;D

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