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RPI in SODIMM package


Here it is


I looked at that … the Rasguys has gone that way too… :clap:


An ARM SoC on an SODIMM? What a great idea!


Processors (of all types, including ARM) have been available in memory-module form factors for a LONG time.


Is it a coincidence that part #400 in the GHI catalog is a G400 device?

I would imagine an OSoD (my nickname for OS on a SoDIMM, probably won’t stick) would be interesting to those that want to do massively parallel processing on a budget.

We’ve seen RasPi clustered for compute already - with lego cases : ). (10 node BeagleBone in an attache case) (40 node RasPi) (60 node RasPi with Lego)

These would allow for greater density. I could see rackmounted chassis with motherboard with several slots, some sort of switching fabric, storage, power and cooling supporting these.


@ mhectorgato - That is a neat advantage I hadn’t yet considered. I bet we start seeing motherboards popup that can house 5 or 10 modules and can be linked to other motherboards.

I’m still struggling a little with the price. Not that its too high but that its not different enough. Does this form factor really only shave off $5?


Total guess here, but maybe the margins on the compute module are bigger, since the likely customers aren’t the hobbyists and educators…