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Can I use this Rover with the Fez Mini?

It is now official compatible with

a. Arduino Diecimilla (center rear mounting)
b. Arduino Diecimilla (right rear mounting)
c. BasicX Development Board
d. Parallax Java/Basic Stamp Board



I have a few FEZ’s and the Mini is my favourite. However they do not mount onto Arduino directly.
There should be no problem wiring one up to fit though. Some things on the mini need soldering, so just bear that in mind if choosing one :wink:

FEZ mini’s are awesome :slight_smile:



It looks a lot like the traxter, but small and cheaper.


You might need to create a small plate for easy mounting.
You can use plexi or polycarbonate for this.


That should work just fine. Anything meant for the Arduino footprint will, at least with the Domino.


He asked for mini :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, yeah, I thought he said Domino. The mini doesn’t seem to have any mounting holes, so you may need to use some double stick tape or something to hold it onto a sheet of plexi. The better option would be to stick it right on a breadboard and tape the breadboard down.


Yes, you can use breadboard wires then :slight_smile:


I know you are not really asking whether Mini can be mounted or not, but since it is mentioned… breadboard is the mounting solution, just try not to be as messy as I did :-). Other than mounting, I dont see any other issue using Mini for it