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Router/switch breakout project?


Anyone know of a router/switch breakout board that one could control with fez. For example.

  1. Get an interrupt on a port connect attempt, send back an html security page, after OK, open the port to the WAN side and let the board do the switching.
  2. Turn on/off ports dynamically.

I suppose that would be i2c or maybe even just controlled via ethernet itself.


I don’t think there is any kind of off-the-shelf router development kit. You should look at the Micrel chips, they support up to 16 ports and are easily controllable through the MII interface, I don’t know of any router chip that has I2C or SPI as it’s main communication method…


This kind of thing can get hideously complex, but your best bet might be grabbing a router, putting OpenWRT and making your own command protocol or trying to chain from the WebUI.