Rotation LCD, touch screen no function

I have problem with the rotation LCD screen. If I am using Rotate_180, the touch screen is no function.

I am using T35 lcd wiht G120 module.

GHI.Premium.Hardware.Configuration.LCD.Configurations lcdConfig =
                new GHI.Premium.Hardware.Configuration.LCD.Configurations();      
            lcdConfig.Width = 320;
            lcdConfig.Height = 240;
         if (GHI.Premium.Hardware.Configuration.LCD.Set(lcdConfig))
            GHI.Premium.Hardware.Configuration.StartUpLogo.Enabled = false;
            // Resize any loaded Window to the LCD's size.
            Glide.FitToScreen = true;
            // Activate touch
 if (rotateLCD)
            _screen = LCDMainScreen.GetInstance();
            // Initialize the window.     
            Glide.MainWindow = _screen.getWindow();

Thanks for any advice.

@ doit - Does Rotate and Touch work if you remove all of the other code that is not necessary?

Are you sure you have T35, and not a TE35, and are you using the correct one in code? There’s been previous comments about this kind of issue causing strangeness and was relatively simple to resolve by using the correct device in the designer.

I’d also make sure that your code works exactly as you’d expect without the 180deg rotation

Thank you for your advice. @ Aron and @ Brett

I have my own board with LCD and G120.

I am tested Fez Config setting LCD T35 and TE35, but i does not work.
If you will not use Rotate_180,it work Touchscreen correctly.

Can I restart and recalibration touch screen after rotation ?

Thanks for any advice.