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Robot Kit with Domino



I’ve got one FEZ Domino.

If I want to dive into the world of robot, do I need to buy the full Robot Kit with the FEZ Mini or is it possible to only get the whole stuff without the FEZ mini ?

It could be great to have a “starter Kit” with the robot kit including a domino instead of only a FEZ Mini with its restrictions.

Possible ?



Based on the brochure (since i cant find a definitive listing of whats included):

On the domino page:
1x red LED from the bottom of page 2
1x green LED from the bottom of page 2
1x yellow LED from the bottom of page 2
1x button, bottom of page 3
1x Variable Resistor (POT) from middle page 3
1x Piezo (speaker) top of page 4

The domino starter kit includes 2 led’s and the button, as well as the component shield.

You won’t get the POP board for the MINI on the domino since it doesn’t fit :wink: The component board is pretty much the equivalent of this as far as i’m aware.


A great place to start out with robotics is the site. This community has over 13.000 members and the people there are extremely helpful and friendly.


Something like Dagu Starter bot. 2 wheels 2 motors and something to mount the domino on. Then you can decide what components and sensors you want to add. Here is a link to the dagu starter Chasis.

If you want to go further then that you can look around that site and see many things that maybe what you want.


The robot kit is made for mini, domino won’t work. However, users on this forum has built many robots using domino


If you still want to do a robot, you might look at Arduino based robots. The FEZ is physically and electronically compatible with the Arduino, so you should just be able to swap the FEZ right in.


ok thanks guy