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Robot Kit: can't find FEZ_Components_ReflectiveSensor.cs


The Robot Kit documentation says to include a file called FEZ_Components_ReflectiveSensor.cs, but I can’t find this anywhere. I haven’t found it on the website, or anywhere that Google reports (except for the documentation).

Where can I find this file?


Find the reflective sensor on the website and the download will be right there.

Click on your sensor


You’ll also need to add that file to your source tree. Right click on your project (In that tree view on the right side of VS) and hit add existing item, then browse for the .cs file.


While talking about drivers. It looks like you fixed the double line feed issue on *.cs files. Is that true? tia


Yes Josh did that fix for all the drivers and changed the header with the open source license so other NETMF devices users make use of them freely. 8)