RLPExt Analog methods

In the RLPExt you provide methods to assist with GPIO methods: GPIO.ReadPin, GPIO.WritePin, etc.

It would be helpful for those of us not named WouterH :wink: to have analog helpers as well: Analog.Read(), Analog.Write() perhaps.

In my first foray into RLP, I was naively thinking that it would be Arduino like to access these pins:

pinMode(analogPin, INPUT);
value = analogRead(analogPin)


Man you are going RLP crazy - you’ll be Wouter’s Padawan in no time :slight_smile:

I could only hope! I don’t think he’d want any part of that :smiley:

Molding young talent to be part of the RLP cult…sounds plasible to me :smiley:

lol the omens are there…

Wouter is a Dutch boy name. The meaning of the name is Army Ruler.

@ Justin - You got that right :slight_smile: