is there any plan to bring RLP down to the EMX/cobra product level?

I think GHI did talked about it, and it is in the release notes as planned, so yeah, hopefully it’ll show up sooner or later.

It is already implemented and tested and should be online in few days. We had some problems moving to 4.1 and this is what we are trying to cover.

Very cool :clap:

How does one load RLP code on to the Cobra?

Cool good to hear.

@ Chris

Take a look here

There is a description how to use RLP and also a link to a project that uses RLP

That project link is dead. Here is the correct one: (link removed)


Is there anyway I could get an RLP example to do a simple setPixel on the LCD?

That is pretty easy to do but can we save this till after maker faire?

Yup no worries Gus.

In the mean time I’ll rummage through the video code again and see if I can figure it out myself.

BUMP Any chance of getting that SetPixel example?

With fully unloadable AppDomain managed applications, 32bpp icons and anti-aliased text this is the last thing holding back the next beta (and possibly release candidate) for Pyxis/Netby.

I need an NDA for RLP, as well. Pretty please? :slight_smile:

I think RLP is open now Chris. Look under GHIElectronics.Native RLP should be there on the latest firmware. If not then I’ll need the example and the NDA :wink:

It’s open? I thought Gus said it would remain closed.

I thought i saw it was going to be open at some point too… i could be wrong though.

It’s not open.

the namespace and all is there, but you need to call an Unlock() method.Presumably, it’s based around the concept of a dev key.

We haven’t added anything since we last spoke about this. The guys were busy with audio playback + Ethernet + IFU features. RLP is what we are concentrating on now.

Is it going to be available on USBizi based boards sometime in the future ?

RLP is not supported on USBizi. I doubt it ever will be.

We didn’t see the use for RLP on USBizi! If you must do something natively then it is easier to just ask GHI to add it for you ;). Assuming you need this for a commercial project of course.