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Can somebody provide a list of the software tools that are required to create the RLP’s for the various platforms. I’m trying to create a development environment to produce RLPs however the list of software that’s out there is overwhelming.



Dear god gus, what would we do without you.

(Hum, perhaps I should try to make a video for this once I get it working.)


Actually, you do not need Gus :slight_smile: Everything you need is on this page


Hum… It’s hard to find these things via google’s index of Well it just adds to my KB.


So after an entire day of googling, I pretty much figured out that you need to use the GNU compiler and make tools. I’m still not sure what yagarto brings to the table but I’m still investigating. Also it turns out that Visual Studio is capable of being an IDE for this since it supports Make File Projects.

If anyone’s used this feature of Visual Studio; what has your experience been like?


Sounds like you’re making it too complex. That spoils the fun.

I didn’t make any tools, just downloaded the stuff like here:

and then did the step-by-step set up for using eclipse, as explained in detail here:

Then tried the examples using a Panda I and was happy with the results.
Haven’t needed RLP that much, but it’s nice to have.


yagarto is the GNU compiler!


Ah, so they ported the GNU compiler to native windows excluding the cgwin part. Well that makes sense. When I run the compiler I see no reference to yargo.


@ kurtnelle can we asume now you got it working?

Once you’ve done that, I’m pretty sure you can set up msbuild to compile your C code along with the managed application.


Nope still haven’t got it working, now I’m searching for the RLP.h file that needs to be included for Fez RLP development, and then I need to do a test compile MAKE.


I have tried to use the Visual Studio as IDE, and find it not so efficient. You can always try something like WinGDB 2.0, that integrates GNU compiler in the VS.

I prefer to use Evolution IDE uVision with CodeSourcery GNU toolschain 2007q3-53-arm-none-eabi it works great. With this setup you dont have to worry so much with the makefile.


The RLP.h file you can downloaded from the Library Documentation under RLP Class here is the direct link:


Ok wow lesson learnt: When looking at GHI documentation, make sure you scroll all the way down…

And with that, I have compiled the example :slight_smile: +10 Internet points for me.


Hehe… that is why I inlcuded a picture to show you how well the zip file is hidden within the help file :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s gotten a little better in the updated documentation.