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RLP SPI driver available?


Before tackling porting of the SPI driver from the LPC23xx/24xx Example Software Package. I was wondering if anyone already has a RLP modified SPI driver targeted for the USBizi chipset?

Regards, Richard.


I think everyone is using the built in NETMF drivers. Why do you need an RLP for SPI?


I want to time some block SPI writing to a LCD controller. The managed SPI driver is working great, just curious to see what overheads exist compared to native code.


.Net Porting Kit has c++ source code for SPI. You can check how it is implemented now.


Need this RLP SPI driver for my GLCD.

Have implemented the core driver for the LCD in the RLP but it is not fast enough. It is too much overhead in sending of data to the managed side, where I use the SPI module.
I have tried to use the SPI LPC24xx driver but it cant get it to work so I would need RLP version of the driver.



The drivers already provided are fast.
Send data in big chuncks instead of smaller ones.


@ Javadeveloper

Did you found a solution to send the LCD data in the RLP code ?