RLP Out Of Memory Exception Help

I’m using the Cerbuino Bee with STM32F405 microcontroller and I just converter a section of my main app from managed code to RLP to get a much need increase in execution speed. The original app runs fine before inserting RLP. I’ve also tested the RLP code in a simple test app which just invokes it once and it runs fine. But when I merged the two, the main app runs for a few seconds then an error window pops up with:
Does anyone know what causes this and what can I do to fix it?

After you load the elf file and create the method objects, you can dispose the bye start with the elf file.

it’s in your code; you’re going to have to show your code to get any sensible help, sorry…

Gus, that was it!
It’s working great!
Thank you very much! :clap: