Ridiculous packaging part II

More quality packaging…

I got all excited when i saw the courier man bringing in the big box - thought i must have been sleep ordering again and lots of goodies were arriving…

Alas - no… :smiley:

Ah the Amazon school of packaging :wink:

Now that is impressive! I hope they are not charging by box volume for shipping

To be clear, this did not come from GHI, right?


@ Gus, if anything GHI goes to the other extreme…no need to worry about too much air in GHI packaging.

Now, if we had a contest for bubble wrap and tape, you guys would win it by a mile. Which is good, because my kids LOVE bubble wrap. :slight_smile:


I got some more Gadgeteer sockets from Samtec recently, and thankfully, they were not packaged like that. Samtec used one of those triangular mailing tube packages instead. But in fairness to whomever shipped the box to you, trying to mail those little plastic tubes safely does present an interesting challenge.

Not unless you have changed your name to RS :wink:

@ devhammer - 75 push buttons…