Rhino board design files?

Can’t find 'em, anyone got em?

Please contact us directly for the files. There must be a reason on why they are not online…maybe revising the files?

They haven’t been online ever as far as I can tell. Anywho, I’ll shoot you an email later today…

I’d love a copy as well please :slight_smile: I haven’t ever seen them up :frowning:

That’s right!

And the Rhino once was out of stock for so long, I thought may be you’re not making it anymore, until recently!

I work with a Rhino board and I’d love a copy as well. Can anyone send me these files ?


Check your email

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

May I have have the design files as well for the Rhino board?

Many thanks

They are online http://tinyclr.com/downloads/Rhino/FEZ%20Rhino%201.0.zip