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This is cool. Now connect this to Hydra/Spider or any board with decent memory and you can actually view JPG images right on the RGB strips.


Very cool indeed… Just saw this on G+. I really like the idea of doing a grid via a LED strip.

SFE also has LED goodness on display today: :


Led cubes are mesmerizing




I hesitate to share this since it barely touches on the full capabilities but since it’s sitting on YouTube already, I might as well. This was running on a Panda. As soon as I got the Hydra I yanked it apart and hooked it up. That hasn’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped so I shelved it until the Gadgeteer framework is released. More impressive video and full blog post to come as soon as Hydra is happy.

Ok… Somebody tell me the trick to using the “video” tag? Putting the url between the tags doesn’t seem to be working.


put in just OvaN-rVsBVA

Like so