RFID Gadgeer module info

I just got a bunch of GHI RFID Gadgeteer readers in the mail. I went looking for the module in Visual Studio and… nothing.

So I grabbed a copy of the Gadgeteer templates, and I started writing my own (which I’ll push into Gadgeteer’s codeplex if I can figure out how to get access), however, I can’t find any technical documentation on GHI’s RFID reader module.

Does anyone have a link to a datasheet or anything? I assume it starts spitting data out, but I don’t even know the baud rate it operates at?

I did notice it has the same number of pins as this guy:



Drivers are in the beta 4.2 SDK, which works with 4.1 if you want to keep on using 4.1

Great, thanks Gus.