Returning data from gadgeteer project

Hi, I’m making a RFID card scanner project using gadgeteer on FEZ Raptor mainboard. Using .NET Micro Framework 4.3. I need to somehow return the scanned codes and upload them to MySQL database. Is there a way to return the data back through the usb cable back to my computer. I also have a wifiRS21 module but I don’t know how to use it to transfer any kind of data. Anyone could help me out?
EDIT: I’m programming it on visual studio 2013 using c#

To connect a NETMF device to a PC via USB cable consider CDC.

Check for lots of info on NETMF.

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if you want to transfer the data via WLAN, then a TCP client must be running on the Gadgeteer side. Here is an example TCP – Client mit Gadgeteer/Netmf | IoT und Gadgets mit .Net Micro Framework + TinyCLR OS (sorry is in German and VB.Net) and on the computer a TCP server Redirecting…. Then send the data as a text string to the PC and then generate a MySQL Statement from the data and send it to the Database.

That should work
Good luck